Why are her lips so pale?

I like them more with her pink lipstick

Or with that graceful smile she always wore

It crinkled her eyes and dimpled her cheeks.

Why is her skin so cold?

I liked it when her hands were warm

Her hug was soft

Her breath was soft.

Won’t she open her eyes?

A kaleidoscope collision of brown, green, and gold.

Never were they uninviting

Harsh, cold.

I half expect her to wake up.

She’d put on her pink robe and go for coffee,

Sit in her chair,

Looking out into the crisp morning air.

Hands tremble

Tears fall

Lip quakes

Oh, how I miss her so

Wake up!

Get up!

I feel so utterly alone.

With now only memories to love and to hold


Just maybe

Memories will one day be enough

To fill the space of her chocolate eyes

Warm touch

Beating heart.


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