Anxiety, My Friend.

Anxiety and I come hand in hand

He tucks me in at night

He’s there in the morning too

He’s the sugar in my coffee

He’s the threading of my clothes

He’s the sweat on my brow

Anxiety tells me he’s my friend

He tells me he will never leave

Anxiety can be there when no one can

He tells me only he can help

Tell’s me to hold my breath

Stop breathing easy

Anxiety doesn’t like to share

He can have many friends

But not me

Oh no, not me

He scares them away

Keeps me for himself

Anxiety isn’t overly kind

But yet, he’s always there

He’s constant

I like constant

Constant seems safe

It feels easy to be with Anxiety

To let him in on rainy days

But it’s so so hard to make him leave

To make him go away

He always wants to stay

The bruises he leaves are real

Not visible- but real

He thinks it’s fun to press down on my chest

Likes it when I can’t breathe

Likes it when I gasp

Likes the splotches of pink on my cheeks

He likes to make me squirm with unease

Likes it when I shake

Oh he likes to see me shake

Anxiety and I come hand in hand

He’s the itch that won’t scratch

The flood that won’t recede

The song played on repeat

Not enough he says

You’re not enough

Anxiety and I come hand in hand

His nails leave crescent marks across my hand

His grip’s so tight

So painful

So constricting

Anxiety and I come hand in hand.


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